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Are ghosts real?

Updated: Mar 18

These filmy ghosts can be as friendly as Casper or as menacing as Annabelle and if you think many of these stories are based on action events then you aren't alone as many cultures since the dawn of humanity have believed in spirits that survive death and live amongst us until their desires are fulfilled.

Because of this core belief in ghosts' existence that people have tried to communicate with Spirits since ancient times through various mediums like Uchi bones, crystal balls, and whatever. Even in modern times, you'll find ghost-hunting groups using high-tech technology to debunk this mystery, typically equipment might include Geiger counters, Electromagnetic field detectors, Infrared cameras, and Super-sensitive microphones. Most of these gadgets are used to detect any unexplained light radiation or noise in the environment where a potential ghost could be present.

But the vital question is what does science say about ghosts? Do experts approve of the evidence given by Ghostbusters, well the answer is - No.

Despite the use of such high-tech gear, there are still no scientifically verified cases of ghost detection even though all the videos floating around the internet turn out to be either staged or misinterpreted.

I know what you are thinking then what about the personal ghostly experiences you hear from people around you? Well according to science you can't always trust your eyes or your brain as they might be playing tricks on you, Yes that is because your brain has a tough job of taking the tons of information coming from your five senses and working to make sense of this mess and though our brain is good at understanding this task however it is so obsessed with it that it starts to find meaning even in meaningless things like seeing faces in unusual patterns or other figures in clouds this phenomenon is known as pareidolia.

Not only that I'm sure at times you felt your phone ring just to find no call or notification or a time you heard someone calling your name when no one was there such events are nothing but hallucinations - A false perception of sensory experiences.

Some hallucinations can be normal like curing a phone ring but more Vivid ones like often-seen ghostly creatures or deceased loved ones. This may be a sign of a serious disorder another less boring condition in which someone can hear or feel figures or creatures that aren't real is called sleep paralysis which happens when the brain messes up the process of falling asleep or waking.

So, in conclusion, according to science ghosts do not exist and are a result of experiences such as sleep paralysis hallucinations, or pareidolia.

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