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Are Zombies Real?

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

If you think Zombies are just myths or film items then you are wrong my friend.

We have seen zombies a lot in movies but in real life also there is such a fungus that can turn ants into zombies. The name of this fungus is Ophiocordyceps, it is called zombie fungus.

Whenever the ant steps on this fungus while walking, then this fungus sticks to that ant and secretly inserts one of its cells into that ant. After a few days, this fungus starts eating ants from inside and multiplies its cells. Outwardly, it will look as if the ant is absolutely fine, but from inside this fungus will keep on multiplying. This fungus grows until its mass becomes half of the ant's body mass. After that, these fungal cells send chemical signals to the ant's brain, and after that, the ant starts behaving strangely. After that, the ant starts climbing on whatever plant or tree it sees nearby, and after climbing to a height of about 25 centimeters, it stops permanently there. This height of 25 centimeters is in such a zone where temperature and humidity are perfect for the growth of this fungus.

By this point in time, the fungus has controlled the entire brain of the ant and after 6 hours the ant dies and a white straw grows up on the ant's body. It uses the ant's body as a base and releases its own spores in the air with the help of that straw so that more ants can be infected and grow themselves as parasites.

Can Ophiocordyceps Infect Humans Also?

The best thing so far is that no such fungus exists for humans. Individual species of Ophiocordyceps only infect small ranges of insects, not humans otherwise, these zombies would not only appear in movies but also in real life.

Do you think is it possible to see real human zombies or not?

  • Yes

  • No

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