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Top 10 Most Dangerous River in the World - Part 1

Updated: Mar 17

1. Amazon River

  • The most dangerous river in today's article is the Amazon River. By the way, the Amazon River is considered the largest river because the amount of water in it is very high. And if the most water is found anywhere on this planet, it is in the Amazon River.

  • The length of this river is 3977 miles and the depth is about 330 feet.

  • This river flows through the jungles of the Amazon, it is not free from dangers, it is said that 20 species of piranhas fish are found in this river. This fish eats anyone.

  • Moreover, Anaconda is also found in it, which is the largest snake in the world.



  • The river whose name is in place of the second most dangerous river in the world is the Brahmaputra river.

  • This river originates from the Himalayas and flows in India and Bangladesh. The length of this river is 1802 miles and its depth is 394 feet.

  • If we call this river the most beautiful river, then it will not be wrong because this river contains many cultures and species of water in itself.

  • This river is mostly used for irrigation and travel. Even then the flood arising from this river destroys the surrounding areas.



  • The Parana River is in third place among the most dangerous rivers in the world.

  • The length of this river is 3032 miles and its depth is 558 feet. This river crosses Argentina and Paraguay.

  • This river has strong waves and gives rise to frequent floods. Due to the flood of this river, the surrounding people and industrial areas get a lot of damage.

  • Apart from this, this river destroys trees, buildings, and houses.



  • The river which is in fourth place is the Orinoco River. This river flows in South America.

  • The length of this river is 1400 miles and the depth is 330 feet.

  • There are more than 200 branches of this river and there are also many waterfalls. It is very difficult to navigate due to its rapids.

  • This river is surrounded by dense rainforests on both sides, especially when crossing through Venezuela and Colombia. There is always a danger of flood for the people living near this river.



  • The river which has got the fifth position is the Mississippi River of America. This river is the leftmost river in North America.

  • This river runs through ten states such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

  • The length of this river is 2340 keels and the depth is 200 feet.

  • This river is considered dangerous because of the water waves here. In this river, you will easily find dangerous fish like a bull shark.



  • The river that comes at number six is the Yangtze River. It is considered a major source of income for the people living near the river.

  • The length of this river is 3915 miles which are 6300 kilometers. The depth of this river is 100 feet.

  • Its Three Gorges Dam provides hydroelectricity to the population of China and it also has huge water life, apart from this there is no shortage of pollution. Floods arising from this river cause excessive damage in eastern China. The flood of 1954 is considered the most dangerous as 30,000 people died in it.

  • The most dangerous thing about this river is that some of its parts were once red in color, the researchers have not yet been able to understand the change of color.



  • The Congo River comes in seventh place. This river is considered to be the deepest river and this is its biggest danger which not only attracts people but also scares them.

  • The depth of the Congo River is said to be 219.5 meters which is 720 feet. This river is located in Africa and its length is 2900 miles.

  • The 75 Mile Canyon near the river is also known as the Gate of Hell. It is impossible to navigate in it.

  • It ends abruptly with a 60-mile drop called Stanley Falls. Joseph Conard, a researcher, also called it the heart of darkness.



  • The river which has got the eighth place among the world's most dangerous rivers is the Yenisei River.

  • This waterway is the fifth largest waterway in the world. Its length is 2167 miles. The depth of this river is 45 feet.

  • This river starts from Kyzyl City which is in Russia.

  • This river is also considered poisonous and at the same time, radiation is also found in this river, which is dangerous for the people living near this river.



  • Lena river is in the 9th place on this list. This river is the 9th largest river in the world. The length of this river is 2734 miles.

  • The river runs through the middle of Eastern Siberia and is joined by two other rivers.

  • In winter, this river is found completely frozen and by the time spring comes, the entire ice melts. Due to this, there is a danger of flood in this river.

  • Due to the floods in 2007, more than 1000 houses were submerged in water.



  • The name of the world's 10th most dangerous river comes, is the Mekong river. The Mekong River is known for its beauty. The Mekong River is the seventh-largest river in Asia and the 10th-largest river in the world.

  • This river runs through China, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand and is about 2703 miles long.

  • There is a passage in this river in which rare species of crocodiles and dolphins are found. This river is considered to be the home of dreaded crocodiles.

  • Apart from this, it is also difficult to avoid the floods that come here. In the year 2008, due to the flood of the Mekong River, there was a loss of 66 million dollars.


According to you which is the most dangerous river you have ever faced with?

  • Mekong

  • Lena

  • Yenisei

  • Yangtze

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