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What occurs if we wipe out all mosquitoes?

Updated: Mar 17

More than 3500 species of mosquitoes are found on earth. Out of which there are 100 species that spread diseases. But these 100 species of mosquitoes are so dangerous that due to their bite, so many people have been killed in the history of the world that they have not died even in the global war.

So obviously everyone would feel that killing all the mosquitoes around the world would be the best idea.

Is it really correct?

Not at all, mosquitoes are also an important part of our ecological ecosystem. Many bats, birds, and dragonflies are dependent on mosquitoes for their food, and mosquitoes also pollinate thousands of plant species. So eliminating mosquitoes means the plants that depend on them will die. Many other animals will also find it difficult to get food and their population will also be affected. If you know about the food web then you will know how much it is interconnected. We do not know what will be the result of eliminating an animal or insect.

If you want to avoid mosquitoes then you can go to Iceland or Antarctica where no mosquitoes are found.

What is the Lifespan of Mosquitoes?

A male mosquito lives for at least 10 days and depends on tree plants for food. The male mosquito does not suck blood.

The female mosquito sucks blood and its life span is 42 to 50 days. A female mosquito can live for more than 5 months if given the right food supply.

What volume of blood does a mosquito consume?

A mosquito may consume between 0.001 and 0.01 milliliters of blood. That would be the equivalent of a person consuming as much as a bathtub's worth of liquid for its size.

Now, what do you think would be right to kill all the mosquitoes?

  • Yes

  • No

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