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Why do prices end in 9?

Have you ever wondered why the prices of these things always end at 9 while shopping? Have to buy a new shirt 199, have to order a pizza burger 399, have to recharge phone 799. Why don't these people round off their price? This is because humans have a habit of reading things from left to right. When we are looking at the prices of things quickly at the shop, we pay more attention to the first digit. So if the price is written as 699, we will feel that it is around but the actual price is of seven hundred. This thing has also been proven scientifically. A 2012 study told that in the stock market, people buy less stocks whose price is a round figure number, but whose price is one cent less than the round figure number, people buy them excessively. Another interesting reason was found in a 2014 IIM Bangalore study, which found that Indian consumers consider things to have a higher value when their price ends at 9, as compared to when the price of anything ends at 0. So, such a perception comes that the goods are of higher quality.

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